Take a look at this short clip. This was a Hawk Walk with a couple. You can see how much fun it is for the couple and our hawk Machu!


        Join us at our site in the rolling hills of Central NY  for your Private Hawk Walk!           Kids, feel free to bring your Parents!  I love how families share their pure joy and surprise at our WOW factor Raptors!

Connect with Nature's Apex Predators, our Eagle Owl, Harris's Hawk and Saker Falcon on a very personal level. You'll get to know their unique personalities as you hold them on the Falconer's Gauntlet, touch their feathers, learn about their roles in keeping a healthy balanced planet and absorb their energy and calming effects.

                       Then call our Hawk to your gauntlet in the woods and meadow,                          watching him play in the wind and the woodland obstacle course.

Private Hawk Walk Fee - $75.00/adult   $45.00/under 14