Lorrie Schumacher



Master Falconer

Lorrie has created a uniquely innovative and inspiring Bird Of Prey Experience.

Talons! has been featured at Land Trust and Conservation Center Events, PreK through University Schools, USFWS, Boy and Girl Scouts of America, Weddings, Church Services, Animal Therapy, Sportsmen's Shows, The Intrepid Kids' Week, BirdDay and Anniversary Parties and Corporate Events. Talons! Raptors have been featured in 1968 magazine, FLATT magazine, music videos, high fashion photo shoots, movies and commercials.  Lorrie's mission is to stress the importance of the role of Raptors in the Global Environment and Man's Responsibility to the Balance of the Planet.

One look into the ancient eyes of a raptor, and a human truly knows humility.  Catch a Raptor on your fist and you'll feel your heart jump like never before!  It's an experience of a lifetime!

Talon Skye


                  Talon Skye is the Inspiration for TALONS!, and makes it very clear that                  the "Show was named for HER!".  From her first hunting trip at 5 months, she has lived the life of an Environmentalist and a Falconer ~ her first word, "whoooo", mimicking a GHO she had just heard, as she & Lorrie were flying her hawk in the woods.  

 She knows the calming and exciting effect that her birds have on their human guests and wants to help families reconnect through their experiences with nature and her birds. 

              Talon Skye awes audiences with her special relationship with her Eagle Owl,              Big Mama and her presentation that highlights her innate understanding of Raptors'  importance in the "Balance of Life. 

Talon is all about inspiring kids to go out there and live their passions and dreams!